Leased line DIA

TSS is an Internet Service Provider offering Internet access to corporate businesses and government as well.
It is one of the Leading ISP’s in KSA and its head office located in Riyadh.

Internet Leased Line

An Internet leased line is a premium Internet connectivity product, delivered over fiber optics, which is dedicated and provides uncontended, symmetrical speeds, full-duplex. It is also known as an Ethernet leased line, DIA line, data circuit or private circuit.
Enterprises use Leased Lines to interconnect their important nodal centers such as primary data center, back up site, call center and regional hubs. Hence circuit uptime and scalability-on-demand becomes most important.
Leased Line is the oldest and most basic data connectivity service but is still popular among Enterprises. TSS Leased Line service suite not only provides the traditional version of leased line but also some of the more advanced flavors that are required by enterprises for different business applications.
Internet Leased line is for those who need dedicated bandwidth. Growing business often need to choose between a high cost, high performance Internet Leased Line or low cost, low performance broadband connection. Internet Leased Line offers best dedicated bandwidth.
Important Business require reliable connectivity of Internet so we can do all transaction over internet. Internet Lease Line (1:1) is dedicated bandwidth. Internet Leased assure high-speed collaboration and communication.

Internet Lease Line Unique Features

Bandwidth option start from 1 Mbps ...and above.
Industry standard service level agreements for ensuring “always on” services.
Carrier-grade connectivity – Connect one of the largest service provider in ...Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which means avoid congestion and configuration ...issues for better performance
24×7 Customer Service
Internet Leased Line provides the highest clear bandwidth backbone architecture operated by any service provider in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which gives you a decisive advantage when it comes about throughput latency and packet loss.
Best Price in the market.
We provide service in all throughout ...the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

National VPN connectivity over MPLS

TSS provides private connectivity between customer locations:
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) delivers private network services over a public infrastructure. An IP VPN is a partitioned private network constructed over a shared IP-based backbone that utilizes technologies to ensure privacy of data. They offer enterprise-class scalability and reach ability across multiple IP-based infrastructures, along with many of the performance and security characteristics traditionally found only in dedicated private environments.
TSS MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology based VPNs combines the intelligence of private IP routing with the added performance of label switching to move packets between any locations on the network.
MPLS also provides a greater degree of security for voice and other types of business traffic since each VPN is a virtually separated network infrastructure over the SLT’s MPLS IP Backbone.

TSS offers the following National VPN connectivity bases; they even can be combined in one solution:

  • Wired Leased line connection
  • Wireless Leased line connection
  • V-Sat link connection
  • ADSL connection.


LAN and WAN Integration

TSS works closely with clients to advise on both the readiness of their current network infrastructure and to plan for the more intelligent and resilient IP LAN technologies required to deliver new levels of converged network services.
TSS offers the most effective solutions with well-organized network services in the most cost effective manner. Concentrating on a complete life cycle management approach, TSS provides you with the best solutions for computer network designs, computer hardware and software, optimal usage of bandwidth, and computer network monitoring.

Webhosting & DNS Hosting

Plesk Parallel DNS Hosting DDoS

Our web host manager and the control panel, allows you to manage and set accounts. We, deliver high configurations for the control panel so that you to published your website and manage your E-mail accounts. We have a wide range of reseller plans.
Custom Name servers: We provide a custom name server through our reseller hosting plans. Our specialized plans handle questions and queries from the clients. This ensures that you are able to run server to respond to all the requests related to the DNS requests. Our custom name servers are very useful and carefully designed to maintain the safety and security of this. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: We know how much it matters to have your site running all the time and up to your potential visitors and hence, we guarantee a 99.9% uptime for each of our hosting plans

Manage your website easily through any web browser and take full control with drag and drop

  • Easy File Management.
  • Simple Email Setups.
  • File Upload, FTP, FTPS, SSH.
  • Whole server protection with Server Shield.
  • Protect against brute force attacks with Security.
  • Block worms, Trojans, and viruses with Premium Email ...Antivirus.

Plesk Parallel: Plesk is a control panel available on our Windows-based hosting accounts and servers. It lets you easily manage many aspects of your account, including the files, applications, and (for servers) email hosted on your account or server.

TSS DNS hosting gives you full control over your domain records in a real time facility that provides greater speeds, stability and security to your website.
TSS DNS Hosting is included with every domain name registered and can be used with domains registered with any provider.
Or enjoy our DNS hosting with great performance, enhanced functionality, SLA up time guarantee and blazing fast speeds.


A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a non-intrusive internet attack made to take down the targeted website or slow it down by flooding the network, server or application with fake traffic. When against a vulnerable resource-intensive endpoint, even a tiny amount of traffic is enough for the attack to succeed. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are threats that website owners must familiarize themselves with as they are a critical piece of the security landscape. Navigating the various types of DDoS attacks can be challenging and time consuming.

Understanding a DDoS Attack
The objective of a DDoS attack is to prevent legitimate users from accessing your website. For a DDoS attack to be successful, the attacker needs to send more requests than the victim server can handle. Another way successful attacks occur is when the attacker sends bogus requests.
The DDoS attack will test the limits of a web server, network, and application resources by sending spikes of fake traffic. Some attacks are just short bursts of malicious requests on vulnerable endpoints such as search functions. DDoS attacks use an army of zombie devices called a botnet. These botnets generally consist of compromised IOT devices, websites, and computers.
When a DDoS attack is launched, the botnet will attack the target and deplete the application resources. A successful DDoS attack can prevent users from accessing a website or slow it down enough to increase bounce rate, resulting in financial losses and performance issues.

  • DNS Hosting
  • DDoS
  • Understanding a DDoS Attack

Technical Service Solution has Network infrastructure with enhance next level of security with DDOS protection. Our secured DNS are applied with sensors on every port & end Points which will closely monitor all the incoming and outgoing packets and notify us immediately if it senses any malicious traffic or unexpected packets in huge number as it has been assigned with threshold value for a range / level of packet transfer. Our dedicated assigned team is working 24/7 for any issues related to DDOS and security platform to provide all our esteemed customers with high level of flawless and uninterrupted service.

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